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The Workabout Pro S from Psion Teklogix is a Microsoft Windows CE .NET based handheld computer that delivers the flexibility and performance of the recently launched Workabout Pro in a smaller, lightweight form factor. Adding the Workabout Pro S to the Psion Teklogix Windows CE .NET product family ensures the ability to meet the data collection needs of customers across a broad range of markets.

An evolution of the Workabout Pro, the Workabout Pro S delivers the same customization capabilities, expansion, task-specific ergonomics, and radio and data input options in a more compact form factor. With its color touch-screen and scanner options, the Workabout Pro S is ideally suited for signature-capture and barcode scanning in direct-to-store delivery, transportation and logistics, retail, field service, and other mobile applications.

"Psion Teklogix is committed to offering our customers a range of mobile computing options from lightweight handheld devices to industrial strength computers," said Thierry Beclin of Psion Teklogix. "By expanding our product portfolio with the Workabout Pro S we are continuing to solve our customers data collection challenges and are better positioned to meet the needs of the rugged handheld market."

An ergonomic and compact, yet rugged handheld computer, the Workabout Pro S is built on Psion Teklogix' Windows CE .NET and the Intel XScale processor platform. It will offer a range of simultaneously supported radio options including GSM/GPRS/CDMA WWAN, Bluetooth WPAN, and 802.11b WLAN. With an IP54 rating and ability to withstand multiple drops from four feet to concrete, the rugged design of the Workabout Pro S delivers reliable performance in harsh environments.

The Workabout Pro S is the next evolution of Psion Teklogix Windows CE .NET-based family of handheld computers. When teamed with the 7535 and Workabout Pro M and C, customers have the power to choose the handheld device that best fits their needs. Further, the extended CE .NET device family that includes the 8525 vehicle mount computer and NETBOOK PRO gives customers the capability to deploy their applications across multiple form factors with minimal development effort. The Workabout Pro S, like all Psion Teklogix CE .NET devices, provides customers with Intel XScale processors, 802.11 technologies, WAN capabilities Bluetooth, RFID and SNMP. The Workabout Pro S can be used in batch, WLAN, or WWAN implementations.