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Palm Documents

DataViz today announced that DataViz's Documents To Go Professional Edition Version 6 is included with the new Palm Tungsten T3 and Tungsten E handhelds from Palm These are the first Palm handhelds to ship with the ability to view, edit and even create native Microsoft Word and Excel compatible documents, as well as work with PowerPoint files. Because Documents To Go is included in ROM, customers will be able to begin working with native documents as soon as their handheld powers up for the first time.

"Over the past year, Palm handhelds equipped with Documents To Go have been acclaimed for providing the best experience with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint of any PDA platform. Now, with native document support, we provide our users with seamless, fast solution for working with Microsoft compatible documents," said David Christopher, vice president of product management for Palm Solutions Group.

Before native document support, the Documents To Go desktop application converted Microsoft Word and Excel files to a special handheld format that Documents To Go could open. Then the files were synchronized to the handheld. With native document support, transferring and opening files gets even easier.

Since its introduction in 1999, Documents To Go has been and continues to be the #1 selling Palm OS office suite (NPD Intelect). Documents To Go Premium Edition Version 6 is the flagship product, encompassing the ability to create, synchronize, and edit word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation files on the handheld, as well as synchronize e-mail with attachments, Adobe PDF files, pictures, and Excel-like charts all in one package. Documents To Go Premium 6 also offers spellchecking and support for using password protected Word and Excel files.

Palm includes the Professional Edition with many of its Palm handhelds. The Professional Edition allows users to work with word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation files on the handheld, including native document support for Word and Excel.

The Standard Edition allows customers to use Word and Excel compatible files on the handheld. This is the lowest-priced office suite containing native file support currently available in the market.

The Palm Tungsten T3 handheld is Palm's first device that supports a high-resolution color screen in landscape, as well as the typical portrait mode. The handheld offers greater input flexibility, streamlined access to key features and optimal viewing in either mode. The screen display is 50 percent larger than on any previous Palm branded device, and the new soft input screen area provides a virtual Graffiti 2 writing area. With faster Bluetooth setup embedded in the handheld, a wireless communications suite, fast XScale processor, 64MB of RAM (52MB user available), and superior office and multimedia capabilities, the Tungsten T3 handheld offers exceptional performance in a compact design.

The Palm Tungsten E handheld gives professionals an upscale handheld with premium features. The Tungsten E features 32MB of RAM (28.3MB user available), a crisp high-resolution color display, updated core applications, multimedia software and expandability through cards or add-on accessories. It retains the classic Tungsten appearance, with a compact, thin sleek modern form and improved 5-way navigator for one-handed navigation.

DataViz develops productivity software for the Palm OS handheld device market, as well as Windows and Macintosh cross platform compatibility software.