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PalmSource today announced the unveiling of the new PalmSource software store which offers more than 20,000 Palm OS software titles for Palm Powered smart mobile device customers.

The new PalmSource software store is powered by PalmGear and enables users to conveniently try, purchase and download more than 20,000 software titles in a broad range of categories including: Web browsers, email and Internet communications, sales force and field automation, personal productivity, groupware, financial management, multimedia and games to customize their Palm Powered smart mobile device.

Users of Palm Powered smartphones and other Internet-enabled handhelds can also access the new PalmSource software store while on-the-go, providing customers the ultimate flexibility to browse, purchase and install select wireless Palm OS software applications onto their devices via over-the-air (OTA) delivery. These select applications have been tested by PalmSource for easy OTA delivery and draw from the more than 20,000 Palm OS titles available today. Pinpoint's provisioning and delivery infrastructure makes Palm OS applications available for OTA delivery to customers in a user-friendly fashion. Whether online or wireless, users gain access to one of the largest selections of software content for Palm Powered smart mobile devices available on the market today.

"The launch of the new PalmSource software store marks an important milestone in our company's objective to create a successful global marketplace for Palm OS content," said David Nagel, president and chief executive officer of PalmSource, Inc. "PalmSource is committed to providing its 275,000-strong developer community with additional software distribution channels that ultimately improve customization and usability of Palm Powered smart mobile devices and will drive greater adoption of smartphones."

"As a strategic partner of PalmSource and largest provider of Palm OS applications and eBooks, we look forward to the increased exposure Palm OS applications will have by leveraging PalmSource's strong brand and leadership position in the smart mobile device market," said Ryan Wuerch, president and chief executive officer of PalmGear. "Through the PalmSource software store our developer and publisher partners have expanded distribution channels and increased sales opportunities for their content."

"Combining Palm OS, the gold standard for mobility, with our expertise in wireless provisioning and delivery of Palm OS applications, enables us to deliver a compelling solution for users to conveniently access one of the largest libraries of software content for Palm Powered smart mobile devices," said Dov Cohn, vice president of marketing and product management of Pinpoint Networks.