Yenra : Handhelds : PPG Velvecron Soft Touch Finish : Next-generation coating feels smooth, soft and comfortable in your hand

Soft Touch Finish

The new Zire 72 handheld from palmOne is among the first electronics products to feature next-generation Velvecron finish from PPG Industries. PPG worked with palmOne to fuse trend and technology for the soft-touch finish of palmOne's latest handheld.

The Zire 72 handheld, combining the latest in handheld computer and communications hardware and software, comes with an extra and powerful feature: it feels good.

"The Zire 72 handheld with PPG's Velvecron gives the word software a whole new meaning," said Lawrence Lam, industrial design manager at palmOne.

PPG has equipped the new Zire 72 handheld with a unique finish that feels smooth, soft and comfortable in your hand. To achieve the look and feel, palmOne combined traditional finishing technologies with PPG's soft-touch Velvecron coating, one of hundreds of new finishes available in thousands of colors from PPG.

"Even as the technology inside today's electronic devices evolves, look and feel remain important factors in a consumer's buying decision," said George Heath, director of marketing for PPG's industrial coatings unit.

"At palmOne we have a reputation as both a technology and material leader. The Palm V handheld, for example, was the first handheld computer to use stamped anodized sheet metal instead of plastic," added palmOne's Lam. "With the Zire 72 handheld, we have leveraged PPG technology to deliver again what matters most to our customers - a product that not only works well, but looks and feels great, too."

In addition to the new Zire 72 handheld, PPG coatings cover an array of other consumer products from mobile phones and motorcycles to computers and cars. PPG's new TrendCast styling kit - a tool for demonstrating the latest trends in color, texture and special effects coatings, including next-generation Velvecron - is available globally to designers and manufacturers of consumer products.

PPG supplies coatings, glass, fiber glass, and chemicals.