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AI and Weather
10 Ways AI Strengthens Weather Forecasting and Advances Meteorology



Nina La Nina periodic cooling of ocean waters in the equatorial Pacific may produce storms in the Northwest and drought in South and Southwest.

Mobile Mobile Weather streaming neighborhood-level local condition reports and camera imagery available via Java-enabled telephone handsets.

Turbine Pump Turbine Pumps single-stage vertical products made with cast iron bowls, bronze impellers, and rubber bowl bearings.

Hurricane Hurricanes demand for generators, batteries, pumps, and wet-dry vacs increases as tropical storms Bonnie and Charley approach.

Wireless Weather Station Wireless Weather Station with air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, and rainfall sensors fully installed and ready for use.

Storm Preparation Storm preparation advice as ongoing precipitation brings the possibility of flooding.

Atmosphere Research Center Atmosphere Research Center predicts and detects weather hazards

Lightning Storms Thunder Information about where bolts will most likely strike

Stormwater Stormwater treatment industry provides solutions to meet water quality requirements.

Driving in the Snow - Extra caution needed in snowy winter weather

Lightning Strikes Twice - Scientists learn that lightning frequently strikes the ground in two or more places

Sandless Sandbag - Sandbag alternative inflates for flood control use including home protection