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Turbine Pump

Among the Martin County Florida operations affected by recent storms was the Jenson Beach Water Treatment Plant. Two of the treatment plant's four transfer pumps were damaged, severely stalling operations.

The Jenson facility placed a call to Flowserve, seeking help replacing the damaged pumps. Kenn Owens, manager for vertical turbine pump products, and Emad Kronfli, manager of order fulfillment, immediately reacted. They ordered two 14 inch EN-1 single-stage pumps. Everyone pitched in to machine parts, make shafting, assemble the pumps and get them ready for delivery within one day. Representatives from the Jenson facility were very pleased with the service. Normal lead time for these pumps is eight weeks and the quick ship program offered through Flowserve typically offers a two-week turnaround time. "Everyone at the Lakeland facility recognized the urgency of the need and worked together for 24-hour delivery," said John Ondrejack, Flowserve Regional Manager of Water/Waste Water Sales.

The Flowserve vertical turbine pumps feature cast iron bowls, bronze impellers, rubber bowl bearings and 416 SS shafting throughout. They are also designed with 96.5 inch threaded column steel assemblies and 10W cast iron discharge heads. Owens noted that Flowserve is now standing by for any future needs of the Jenson Beach Water Treatment Plant.

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