Yenra Wireless Networking News

EnclosureWireless Access Point Enclosure dedicated housing protects valuable network elements while patch panel consolidates cables.
SystemWireless Sensor System hardware and software components combine quickly and easily to build custom sensing applications.
ModuleWireless Mesh Network Module complete radio processor sensor node the size of a postage stamp supports analog, digital, UART, and SPI signals.
ZigBeeZigBee Ethernet Gateway Cirronet sensor modem modules add capabilities to wireless industrial control automation networks.
ConsumerConsumer Communications conference covers upcoming pervasive networking technology systems and devices at home and work.
Wi-FiRF Interference adaptive management software optimizes Wi-Fi network performance in both home and public wireless environments.
Wireless BridgeWireless Ethernet Bridge radio for external antennas tri-band point-to-point OFDM backhaul solution with 45 Mbps throughput.
Belkin Pre-NBelkin Pre-N 802.11n Airgo MIMO wireless router and network card provide 4 times the coverage and speed of other products.
WLAN Site SurveyWLAN Site Survey stand-alone graphical surveyor automates the collection of key 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g metrics.
Secure WiFi NetworkingSecure WiFi Networking centrally controlled scaleable WLAN switching system delivers secure flexible and remote connectivity.
Multi Channel WiFiMulti Channel WiFi WLAN access points with 50 times greater throughput enable the performance and stability needed for multi-service wireless networking.
Wireless Sensor NetworksWireless Sensor Networks - mass market opportunities of monitoring processes and equipment.
Wireless Media AdapterWireless Media Adapter along with wireless Internet video cameras and wireless game adapters are hot tech gifts.
UWBUWB : Ultra Wideband low power non-interfering high bandwidth wireless technology.
Wireless IdentificationWireless LAN Authentication Authorization, and Accounting for GSM Carriers.
80211g80211g Wireless Access Point with robust security, faster speeds, and further range for business and WiFi hot spot deployments.
802.11802.11 Bridges for control of devices such as lighting, cameras, HVAC, and security systems in a single control point for the entire house.
Wireless WebIntegrated Wireless Web Module 802.11b development kit for a wide range of industrial, scientific, medical, and automotive applications.
Wireless CommunicationsWireless Communications semiconductor and power amplifiers for handsets supplier components used in local area networks.

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