Yenra Anti Virus

SpamSpam Cube anti-spam gadget for home networks with simple plug-in installation protects four computers with different operating systems.
computer-virusZotob Worm Virus proactive zero-day protection against exploit code that targets the MS05-039 Microsoft plug-and-play feature vulnerability.
ApplianceAnti Spyware Appliance proxy-based protection for networked computers prevents known and unknown intrusions at the gateway.
E-MailSober Virus zero-day elements detected by behavior-based protection in front of the router that looks for the abnormal traffic patterns.
MobileCell Phone Virus Cabir variants of phone malware based on original source code block Bluetooth connectivity and drain the battery.
Sasser WormSasser Worm self-executing attack of the MS04-011 vulnerability announced by Microsoft in April can move without the support of email.
Caller ID for EMailCaller ID for EMail policy and technical proposals aimed at helping contain the spam problem.
Netsky C WormNetsky C Worm is new aggressive Internet worm attacking email users
Net Sky Worm VirusNet Sky Worm Virus like My Doom spreads via email but this one copies itself to shared folders on the network.
Doom Juice Virus NewsDoom Juice Virus propagates via a backdoor left by My Doom Email Worm Virus.
Bagel C WormBagel C Worm new W32/Bagle.c@MM virus.
Virus WallNetwork Virus Wall - Network Layer Virus Protection.
Computer Virus RewardComputer Virus Reward - Microsoft Offers 250,000 Dollar Reward for Information Leading to Conviction of MyDoom.B Perpetrators.
Nimda WormNimda Worm Virus Protection - Symantec Provides Comprehensive Protection Against W32.NIMDA.A@MM.
Spam ProtectionSpam Squelcher Anti-Spam Protection for the network perimeter.
Web VulnerabilitiesWeb Services Vulnerabilities malicious behavior and attacks.

Security News

Exchange Edge Services - Enhanced SMTP Implementation to protect from junk e-mail and viruses

My Doom Worm EMail Virus - Spreads through technical-sounding e-mails with attachments

Anti-Spam Anti-Virus Email Firewall - Protecting email systems from spam, viruses, Trojans and worms, malformed messages, and denial-of-service attacks

Anti Virus - Anti virus resources

Goner - W32/Goner@MM - Mass Mailing Internet Worm Disguised as Screen Saver; Attempts to Delete Anti-Virus Programs

Network Virus Firewall - ASIC-accelerated, network-based anti-virus firewall systems for real time network protection

Virus Filter - Worm and virus protection for mobile WLAN users