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Trend Micro today announced the introduction of the new Trend Micro Network Virus Wall 1200 outbreak prevention appliance designed to scan, detect, and block threats from inside a company network. Using threat-specific knowledge from Trend Micro, NetworkVirus Wall 1200 allows security administrators to block network viruses and identify vulnerable or non-compliant networked devices to help mitigate or even eliminate their ability to be a propagation point for internal outbreaks.

Malware writers have found new ways to exploit known system and network vulnerabilities, taking the form of such network worms as "MSBlaster" and "Slammer," or network viruses written small enough to embed on a single packet of information. Security administrators face an increasingly shorter time gap to patch their systems before a potential attack is launched. For example, based on data from Trend Micro, "MSBlaster.A" only took 26 days to outbreak from the time the vulnerability was reported, versus 336 days in the case of "Nimda" in 2001. Additionally, a growing dependence on networked devices has introduced more vulnerability points to networks, such as unprotected or infected mobile devices. At the same time, administrators have little precise information that helps them prioritize around which vulnerabilities are likely to become the source of an attack, and need an efficient way to isolate vulnerable areas of the network.

"Network viruses continue to wreak havoc on organizations, even those that invest heavily in information security," says Chris Christiansen, program vice president for Security Products at IDC. "An array of point products working in isolation makes solving the network virus problem even more difficult. Organizations looking to reduce the number and impact of outbreaks should consider deploying an integrated, network-based security solution. Key components might range from vulnerability management to intrusion prevention to antivirus. The goal is to proactively detect, prevent and eliminate outbreaks while reducing or possibly eliminating business interruptions."

Network Virus Wall 1200 is a revolutionary outbreak prevention appliance from Trend Micro, designed to detect and block network viruses found within data packets passing through the network itself, and to enable network security administrators to control or limit network access by non-compliant or vulnerable devices. This appliance, deployed at network LAN segments, includes network monitoring features to help identify sources of infection, providing enterprises with early warning of potential attacks.

"Network Virus Wall extends our Enterprise Protection Strategy into the network layer," commented Eva Chen, Chief Technology Officer for Trend Micro, Inc. "By addressing the network virus problem inside the network layer, Trend Micro recognizes that computing threats have moved away from strictly application-based, executable malware. With Network Virus Wall customers now have a powerful weapon to fend off these threats."

Network Virus Wall 1200 is the latest product to support Trend Micro's Enterprise Protection Strategy, which, since 2002, has helped companies increase their security protection through coordinated delivery of products, services, and expertise throughout the entire virus outbreak lifecycle. With this launch, Trend Micro also introduces Trend Micro Vulnerability Assessment, which allows administrators to selectively isolate vulnerable devices from the rest of the network, buying valuable time for administrators to identify and patch these vulnerable systems without disrupting other network operations. Through Trend Micro Control Manager 3.0 and Trend Micro's Outbreak Prevention Services, Network Virus Wall 1200 also helps administrators enforce security policies through one centrally managed location.

Trend Micro Network Virus Wall 1200, Trend Micro Control Manager 3.0, and Trend Micro Vulnerability Assessment will be available in North America in April, 2004. The Trend Micro Network Virus Wall 1200 is sold on a per unit basis and retails at $5,995 for one unit, in North America. The Trend Micro Network Virus Wall management software is sold on a per seat basis and retails at $30 per seat for 500 users. Volume discounts apply to both offerings.

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