Yenra : Anti Virus : Doom Juice Virus : Radware Security Service Responds with Protection Against Mydoom C

Doom Juice Virus - Hemera Photo

Radware announced the immediate availability of protection against Mydoom C -- also known as My Juice virus. Mydoom C is a worm which propagates via a backdoor left by Mydoom A. Once the worm is uploaded to the host, it eliminates the Mydoom A variant and copies the source code of the Mydoom A worm to the root of every drive on the infected host and starts Denial of Service attacks on Microsoft's Web site.

"Immediate protection against Mydoom C reflects once again Radware's ability to quickly respond to malicious attack signatures, viruses and worms," said Amir Peles, CTO, Radware. "Radware's Security Update Service delivers immediate and ongoing security filter updates, protecting against the latest application security threats, terminating suspicious sessions to completely protect enterprise applications."

Radware enables security, performance, and availability of mission critical networked applications.