Yenra : Anti Virus : Anti Spyware Appliance : Proxy-based protection for networked computers prevents known and unknown intrusions at the gateway


Spyware Interceptor from Blue Coat is an anti-spyware appliance for networks with 1000 users or less.

Using proxy technology, the system will come in an easy-to-deploy and affordable appliance form-factor. The appliance prevents both known and unknown forms of spyware at the gateway, which uniquely allows access to legitimate Web applications and the ability to safely view spyware-laden Web sites without becoming infected.

"Spyware has been costing our IT help-desk more than 10 hours a week cleaning desktops, and has eroded end-user productivity," said network administrator Tom Trumble. "Blue Coat's Spyware Interceptor should enable us to stop spyware before it reaches our desktops, and it is so easy and affordable, it should pay for itself in about six weeks."

"Spyware can end up impacting small and medium size networks more than larger networks, with less IT financing and fewer IT staff to service the problem," said security analyst Brian Burke. "Blue Coat is continuing advancements in the anti-spyware market by packaging up its proxy-based approach to spyware prevention into a point-and-click, inexpensive appliance for smaller businesses. Many small and medium size organizations will be hard-pressed to ignore this well-priced offering."

The system utilizes ten different methods for preventing known and unknown spyware at the gateway.

The engine is backed by the leading experts in Web proxy control and security who evaluate thousands of potential spyware sources each day to keep it constantly updated with advanced spyware profiles, policies, and protection techniques.

"Spyware prevention is not possible with desktop software alone -- organizations require a gateway solution based on an advanced Web proxy architecture to be effective," said Steve Mullaney of Blue Coat.

Available at the end of May 2005, the system cost $2,295 and required an annual license subscription based on the number of computers being supported (starting at $695 for 100 computers).