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Enhancements to the revolutionary SpamSquelcher anti-spam network perimeter protection service were announced today by the product's developer, ePrivacy Group, at the CSI 30th Annual Computer Security Conference and Exhibition. Enhancements include dynamic deployment of new analysis modules to defeat spammers' ever-changing techniques.

"These enhancements further increase Spam Squelcher's value as the first line of defense against spam," said Vincent Schiavone, Executive Chairman of ePrivacy Group. "Because SpamSquelcher operates at the router level it's a true gateway, preventing spam from even entering the network, so our customers see tremendous savings in bandwidth and support costs."

"SpamSquelcher works without false positives, so wanted email is delivered faster, which means better quality of service with better network-user satisfaction," said Schiavone.

According to David Brussin, ePrivacy Group's Chief Technology Officer, Spam Squelcher is unlike other anti-spam 'gateways' because it doesn't accept spam before deciding what to do with it. Instead, SpamSquelcher dynamically 'squelches' network paths that try to deliver spam, using highly accurate SMTP sample analysis that is more computationally expensive than filter-based solutions can afford to perform.

"With our new dynamic deployment of analysis modules," said Brussin, "SpamSquelcher customers not only get great accuracy, they immediately benefit whenever improvements are made in spam detection, and when new spamming techniques emerge, SpamSquelcher responds faster."

Other enhancements include a Web-based administrative interface for monitoring, reporting, and adjusting SpamSquelcher. There is also upgraded support for whitelists and blacklists.

"Although SpamSquelcher provides effective perimeter protection without such lists," said Brussin, "Many ISPs use them, so we made it easier to import and manage them with SpamSquelcher, at the perimeter, away from the MTA, which is the preferred and more effective approach."

Schiavone notes that relentless increases in spam volumes now threaten network availability while offensive spam creates potential liability issues for enterprises.

"From a security perspective you want to keep spam away from your servers, but email is just too important to outsource. SpamSquelcher lets you keep spam off your servers while keeping email in-house. And because SpamSquelcher destroys the economics of spam, protected networks actually experience fewer spam attacks."

SpamSquelcher dynamically squelches unwanted network traffic such as spam, before it enters ISP or enterprise networks, without false positives, saving bandwidth, server, and support costs, while improving quality of service.