Yenra Home Theater System News

AVRYamaha AVR audio video receivers with digital signal processors to enhance surround sound, compressed music, and headphone listening.
Sphere4-way Point Source Speaker La Sphere coaxial system provides the entire range of sound to the human ear through one speaker.
XM ChipXM Connect Play Chip technology integrates satellite radio into home entertainment products beginning with Yamaha receivers.
Home Entertainment ServerHome Entertainment Server to store and manage video, DVD, and music libraries, to burn CDs, and to pause and record live TV.
HDMI : High-Definition Multimedia Interface all-digital audio and video interface for consumer electronics.
Outdoor SpeakersOutdoor Speakers with UV-protected cabinets, coated 1-inch Mylar-dome tweeter and 6.5-inch cone woofer, and rustproof brass binding posts.
Home Theater Digital AudioDigital Audio Amplifiers - Home theater system audio amplifier.

Good quality sound is just as important as a high definition picture television. In some ways, the home theater portion of home entertainment is even more versatile than the TV portion. The reason is that home theater systems can play all kinds of music from many different sources.