Little Live Pets Secret Songbirds - Insert Key, Tell Secret

Little Live Pets Secret Songbirds

Little Live Pets Secret Songbirds - The secret's out. Insert the key, tell them a secret, and they'll keep it locked to their heart. I'll never tell.

Secrecy is the practice of hiding information from certain individuals or groups who do not have the need to know, perhaps while sharing it with other individuals. That which is kept hidden is known as the secret. Even though there is a locked diary concept behind the key and lock, the song birds that record messages could also be a fun way to share secrets with each other while at the same time hiding messages from others.

Voice recording chips for toys and greeting cards are integrated circuits thats contain voice audio record and play functionality. Little Live Pets are a creation of Moose Toys (also known as Moose Enterprises), an Australian-owned toy design, development and distribution company founded in 1985 by Brian Hamersfeld. Moose products are sold in 85 countries and is currently the fifth largest toy manufacturer in Australia and fourth largest in the United States. Shopkins are a collectible small doll franchise, designed, and developed by the Moose team in Melbourne, Australia. They also created the Grossery Gang.