Yenra : Catholic Prayers : Waiting for Your Healing

Recommended Book: First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians - Kindle Edition (get Kindle app for phone) (paid link)

The nights become so long, Father,
as I await your gift of healing.
No matter the form in which it takes,
I accept it as from Your divine heart.

I suppose the most difficult part of this task
is waiting, Father.
I am broken, and need You to mend my physical state.

Help me have purpose while I wait;
to fill the long hours with long prayer
that I otherwise would have neglected,
if health had been mine.

Let me use this time as a tool, Father,
as I offer up what You have asked of me.
Let me recognize that You consider me capable of accepting this
as well as growing with it,
or You would never have brought it into my life.

Let me be quiet and still;
aware of the sounds of day and night,
all filled with Your life.

For the time being, I must observe life;
for tomorrow, I shall live the lessons
I have learned this day,
and in this painful night.

Submitted to Catholic Prayers on January 30, 1996 by Margaret A. Davidson. Revised on February 19, 1996.

© 1996 by Margaret A. Davidson, All Rights Reserved