Yenra : Catholic Prayers : This Day

Recommended Book: First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians - Kindle Edition (get Kindle app for phone) (paid link)

Hold me, Lord,
and still my anxious heart.
The world speeds by me
in measures beyond my ability to cope.
I need the silence of Your comfort
and the stronghold of Your defense.

Where can I go, but to You, Lord?
Where can I find the river bank, Jordan,
where Your feet sunk into the sand
and the imprint alone,
healing to those such as I.

Somewhere, along the way, Lord,
I learned to rush,
treating each day of my life
as if it were a rehearsal
rather than the stage-play itself.

Embrace me with Your all knowing love,
and enkindle the spark of temperance
within this tired spirit.
May I hear You
among those who seem to drain me,
when impatience speaks
and my words
are unbefitting one, called to serve You.

Oh Father of the universe
and maker of this person, before You,
open my eyes
and remove my blindness.

You, Who in the scheme of creation knew my soul
and granted me life;
You, Who when commanding the waters
and coloring the skies
knew that I must exist,
help me to see.
For the darkness I have sanctioned
is my separation from Thee,
and my sin is against You
for having offended Your work of art.

You, who made me,
and Who has needed me in this, Your creation,
I have failed to see my role,
important in the book of life.

For Today,
the first day of creation,
the only day which can be proven,
hold me
and press me nearest Your heart;
a heart wide with discernment
and open me,
in my darkness.

For today,
I will approach You
as a child, equal to all children,
for as I believe You greated the great among us,
so I must believe that You equally created me
for purposes just as great.

For today,
I will not ask that miracles appear
or that problems that have brought me to You, disappear.

For today,
my prayer will be to see myself
as You have seen my creation
and to trust in Your goodness,
and Your wisdom in making me.

Submitted to Catholic Prayers by Margaret A. Davidson.

© 1996 by Margaret A. Davidson, All Rights Reserved