Yenra : Catholic Prayers : Psalm by Steven J. Moses
	All powerful Lord in Heaven,
		mighty among the Host.
	Oh merciful Lord,
		full of grace.
	The kind helper,
		the gentle hand.
	You have helped me in time of want,
		in time of need.
	You have never neglected me,
		never disregarded me,
		never failed me.
	Now is the season,
		a new era begins.
	I need your direction my God,
		my compass set straight.
	My vision is clouded,
		darkness I see.
	Who will lead me,
		guide me,
		show me the way?
	I call on you O Lord,
		I beseech you O Lord,
		show me the way.
	When this period is passed,
		as time will pass.
	All honor and glory will I give you
		O Lord.
	I see now the way,
		the path is clear.
	You have given me aid,
		succored me in time of need.
	Is there any greater than God,
		higher than God,
		God who sees all?
	I tell you no,
		I proclaim it to all,
		God is  God.

© 1996 Steven J. Moses, All Rights Reserved