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RainbowTake for your motto: Love has conquered me, it alone shall possess my heart. -- St. Margaret Mary

He is our clothing. In His love He wraps and holds us. He enfolds us for love and He will never let us go. -- Julian of Norwich

Love does not consist in shedding tears, nor in tasting sweetness and that tenderness in which one seeks consolation; it consists in serving God in justice, in strength of soul, and in humility. -- St. Teresa of Avila

Eternal goodness, You want me to gaze into You and see that You love me, to see that You love me gratuitously, so that I may love everyone with the very same love. -- St. Catherine of Siena

Love Him totally who gave Himself totally for Your love. -- St. Clare of Assisi

I am in Love, and out of it I will not go. -- C. S. Lewis

Let the root of love be within. Of this root nothing can spring but what is good. -- St. Augustine

I do not regret that I have given myself to love. -- St. Therese of Lisieux

So we must either love or die, because he who does not love remains a dead person. -- St. Francis de Sales

A wise lover values not so much the gift of the lover, as the love of the giver. He esteems the affection above the gift, and values every gift far below the Beloved. A noble lover is not content with a gift, but desires Myself above all gifts. -- Thomas a Kempis, Imitation of Christ

Remember that nothing is small in the eyes of God. Do all that you do with love. -- St. Therese of Liseux

He who has a heart full of love always has something to give. -- Pope John XXIII

To love God is something greater than to know him. -- St. Thomas Aquinas

Man is the perfection of the Universe. The spirit is the perfection of man. Love is the perfection of the spirit, and charity that of love. Therefore, the love of God is the end, the perfection of the Universe. -- St. Francis de Sales

Perfection of life is the perfection of love. For love is the life of the soul. -- St. Francis de Sales

We should love God because He is God, and the measure of our love should be to love Him without measure. -- St. Bernard

If we love God and are faithful to Him, we shall be at peace, and this peace shall endure. -- St. Madeleine Sophie Barat

Love God, serve God; everything is in that. -- St. Clare of Assisi

May I no longer live save by Thee and for Thee. Be then my life, my love, my all. -- St. Margaret Mary

Faith lifts the soul, Hope supports it, Experience says it must, and Love says ... let it be! -- St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Do not get all upset when difficulties come your way. Laugh in your enemy's face; you are in the arms of the Almighty. Therefore, let God be your strength and your love. -- St. Francis de Sales

All that you do for love is love. Fatigue and even death itself accepted for motives of love is nothing else but love! happy are those who love the cross and carry it generously. It will appear in all its glory in the heavens when Christ Our Lord will come to judge the living and the dead. Heaven is the altar for all who are crucified; therefore, let us love the crosses that we meet as we go through life. -- St. Francis de Sales

Let my soul spend itself in Your praise, rejoicing for love. -- Thomas a Kempis

Love is a mighty power, a great and complete good; Love alone lightens every burden, and makes the rough places smooth. It bears every hardship as thought it were nothing, and renders all bitterness sweet and acceptable. The love of Jesus is noble, and inspires us to great deeds; it moves us always to desire perfection. -- Thomas a Kempis

O Heart of Love, I believe in Your goodness, I hope in Your mercy, I trust in Your love. -- Anon.

Let us love, for love will give us everything. -- Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Complete Thy work, O Lord, and as Thou hast loved me from the beginning, so make me to love Thee unto the end. -- John Henry Cardinal Newman

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