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Recommended Book: First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians - Kindle Edition (get Kindle app for phone) (paid link)

Meditations on MaryMeditations on Mary - Meditations on Mary is a beautiful, simple, incandescent book. Essays about the Virgin by Kathleen Norris (excerpts from Amazing Grace and The Cloister Walk), text from the King James Bible (from the Annunciation to the Cross), and fine reproductions of paintings (by artists including Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo) combine to form a mosaic portrait of the mother of Jesus. Raised Protestant, she now worships with Catholics and therefore writes with a reverence that has overtaken her.

Good Morning, Sweet Mary

Good morning, Sweet Mary! Please bless us and prayer for us through our day. Amen.

Sent for publication on Catholic Prayers on May 7, 2000
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