Yenra : Catholic Prayers : Prayer Before the Way of the Cross

Recommended Book: First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians - Kindle Edition (get Kindle app for phone) (paid link)

Kneeling before the altar, make an Act of Contrition, and form the intention of gaining the indulgence, whether for yourself or for the souls in Purgatory.

My Lord Jesus Christ, Thou hast made this journey to die for me with love unutterable, and I have so many times unworthily abandoned Thee; but now I love Thee with my whole heart, and because I love Thee, I repent sincerely for having ever offended Thee. Pardon me, my God, and permit me to accompany Thee on this journey. Thou goest to die for love of me; I wish also, my beloved Redeemer, to die for love of Thee. My Jesus, I will live and die always united to Thee.

After the Stations, say the "Our Father," the "Hail Mary," and the "Glory be to the Father," five times, in honor of the Passion of Jesus Christ, and once for the intention of the holy Father.