Yenra : Catholic Prayers : Prayers at the Day's Beginning

Recommended Book: First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians - Kindle Edition (get Kindle app for phone) (paid link)

Lord, one more day to love you! - Brother Charles de Foucauld

O Jesus, watch over me always, especially today, or I shall betray you like Judas. - St. Philip Neri

Jesus, shine through me and be so in me
that every person I come in contact with
may feel your presence in my soul. - John Henry Cardinal Newman

My God, send me thy Holy Spirit to teach me what I am and what thou art! - St. John Vianney

May the Passion of Christ be ever in our heart. - St. Paul of the Cross

And to be more with Him, more with Him, not merely with oneself. - Pope John Paul II

Assembled by Alice Claire Mansfield. Submitted on January 30, 1996.