Yenra : Catholic Prayers : St. John Climachus on Prayer

Prayer, considered in its nature or quality, is a familiar conversation and union with God; considered in its efficacy, it is the preservation of the world, the reconciliation with God, the mother of tears, the companion on journeys, the propitiation for sins; a bridge over the high waters of temptation; a bulwark against all assaults of afflictions; the suppression and extinction of wars; the office of angels; the nourishment of all souls; the anticipation of future joy; a perpetual occupation; the source of all virtues; the channel of all graces.

Prayer is the lever of the spiritual life; the medicine of the soul; the light of the understanding; the expeller of despair; the ground pillar of Christian hope; the remedy for melancholy and sadness; the riches of monks; the treasure of hermits; the cessation of anger; a mirror to show the progress in the spiritual life; the thermometer of the soul; a declaration of the dispositions of the heart; a moral certainty of heavenly glory.

Prayer is a pious, gentle tyranny toward God, forcing Him to give up to us everything, even Himself.

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