Yenra : Catholic Prayers : Indulgences Granted for Reading the Bible

An Indulgence of Three Years is Granted . . .

To the faithful who read the books of Sacred Scripture for at least a quarter of an hour, with the greatest reverence due God's word and after the manner of spiritual reading. 

An Indulgence of 500 Days is Granted . . .

To the faithful who piously read at least some verses of the Gospel and in addition, while kissing the Gospel Book, devoutly recite one of the following invocations: 

A plenary indulgence may be granted, under the usual conditions, by those who daily for a whole month follow these pious practices.

A plenary indulgence is granted at the hour of death to those who have often during life performed these pious exercises, as long as, having confessed and received Communion, or at least having sorrow for their sins, they invoke the most holy name of Jesus on their lips, if possible, or at least in their hearts, and accept death from the hand of God as punishment for sin.

Handbook of Indulgences, 694