Yenra : Catholic Prayers : Father Michael Muller on Prayer

Prayer is the paradise of the soul; the Ark of the Covenant; a wonder-working rod of Moses; a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night; a piscina probatica, or pond of healing water, wherein whoever descends is healed of whatsoever spiritual infirmity he may lie under; an impregnable fortress; the milk of little children; the crosier of bishops; the strength, courage, and persuasive power of missionaries; the conversion of the world; the sanctuary of priests; the wisdom of the saints; the true key of Heaven; the best book of sermons; the mother of good counsel; the school of eloquence; the constancy of martyrs; the compass of superiors; the interpreter of the Holy Scriptures; the justification for God. If we should say, "I had not sufficient grace to be saved," God will answer: "Why did you not ask it of Me?" Prayer is a kind of soul insurance; and the remembrance of its neglect will be an everlasting torment for the damned, who will see how easily they might have been saved by prayer.