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Catechism of the Catholic Church - Catechism of the Catholic Church is the first new edition of the catechism in 400 years. Catechism means "instruction," and this text will remain the standard reference for Catholics for many future generations. It is the authoritative summary of Catholic belief regarding the Church creeds, sacraments, commandments, and prayers. To get some idea of the level of detail with which the Catechism engages Catholic doctrine, consider that 17 pages of explanation accompany the opening words of the Apostle's Creed ("I Believe in God the Father"). The book is exceptionally well organized, with line-by-line explanations of every conceivable aspect of orthodox Catholic belief. Extensive cross-referencing, indexing, footnotes, and "In Brief" summaries of each section further ease the project of finding the precise answers to any questions a reader might have.

Catholic Bible - The Catholic Bible: Personal Study Edition, an introductory one-volume study Bible, presents essential biblical information in an innovative new style that makes concepts easily accessible to those reading and studying this work for the first time. Prepared by a group of renowned Catholic educators, The Catholic Bible: Personal Study Edition includes the most popular features of the acclaimed Catholic Study Bible, including background essays, lectionary, maps, and a built in self-study system. Over 400 pages of study materials include a general introduction and guide to usin the volume, plus guides to each book of the Bible. The unique "Reading Guide" system keys these study materials to the New American Bible text. The inviting book design includes many charts, maps, special feature sections, and suggested study questions to lead readers easily into an increasingly in-depth exploration of the text. Along with these innovative study materials The Catholic Bible: Personal Study Edition contains the complete text of the New American Bible, including the revised Psalms, a glossary of biblical terms, and all Sunday Lectionary readings. These enlightening study aids are perfect for readers exploring the Bible on their own as well as for students, religious educators, and members of adult Bible study groups.