Yenra : Television : Wrist Watch TV : Tiny portable television with sharp TFT LCD display, built-in Sony TV tuner, and stereo earphones that act as an antenna

Wrist Watch TV

NHJ USA today announced the launch of the Vamp VTV-101, a wearable TV watch. This tiny portable TV weighs only 55 grams and uses innovative technology combined with a fun design to create an irresistible gadget for all ages.

The TV watch has a sharp TFT LCD display screen (280x220 pixels) and built in Sony TV tuner. The TV tuner allows the wearer to view channels VHF 1-12 and UHF 13-62, and uses the accompanying stereo earphones to function as the TV's antenna.

The VTV-101 features a Li-Ion rechargeable battery so that it can be kept powered up easily, and also comes with a docking bay charger which can be used without removing the batteries from the case. This allows the TV watch to have 2.5-3 hours playback time.

An added feature of the VTV-101 is an internal PLL synthesizer tuner which can be set to either manual or automatic. On top of all of these exciting features, it also comes with a neck strap so that the wearer can alternate wearing it on their wrist or around their neck for the wearers own convenience.

The Vamp V-101 TV watch will be available first from the catalogue house Hammacher Schlemmer from the middle of May, and is expected to retail for around $199.99.