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William Carlos Williams by Irving Wellcome

The Collected Poems of William Carlos Williams : 1909-1939 - 4th Of July, Ad Infinitum, Adam, Advent Of Today, Africa, An After Song, The Agonized Spires, All The Fancy Things, And Thus With All Praise, Apology, Appeal, Approach Of Winter, April, Arrival, At Dawn, At Night, At The Ball Game, At The Bar, At The Faucet Of June, The Atlantic City Convention, The Attic Which Is Desire, Autumn, Aux Imagistes, The Avenue Of Poplars, Ballet, A Bastard Peace, Berket And The Stars, Between Walls, The Bird's Companion, The Bird's Companion, The Birds, Birds And Flowers, The Black Winds, Blizzard, Blueflags, The Botticellian Trees, Breakfast, Brilliant Sad Sun, The Bull, Butterandeggs, Canthara, The Catholic Bells, The Cats' Month, A Celebration, The Centenarian, Chicory And Daisies, Child And Vegetables, Chinese Nightingale, A Chinese Toy, Classic Scene, The Cod Head, The Cold Night, Complaint, Complete Destruction, The Composition, Con Brio, A Confidence, Conquest, The Conservation Of The Human Sub-species, Contemporania, A Coronal, The Crimson Cyclamen, Crude Lament, A Crystal Maze, Daisy, Danse Russe, The Dark Day, Dawn, Daybreak, The Dead Baby, Death, The Death Of Franco Of Cologne: His Prophecy Of Beethoven, The Death Of See, Death The Barber, Dedication For A Plot Of Ground, The Defective Record, The Delicacies, Della Primavera Transportata Al Morale: 1. 'april', The Descent Of Winter: 1928, The Desolate Field, The Disputants, Divertimiento, Drink, The Drunkard, An Early Martyr, El Hombre, An Elegy For D. H. Lawrence, The Entity, Epigramme, Epitaph, Eve, The Eyeglasses, The Farmer, Fine Work With Pitch And Copper, Fire Spirit, First Praise, Fish, Flight To The City, The Flower, The Flowers Alone, Flowers By The Sea, Flowers By The Sea (first Version), The Fool's Song, A Foot-note, For Viola: De Gustibus, Foreign, From The Birth Of Venus, Song, From A Book, Full Moon, Full Moon (first Version), The Gayest Of Bright Flowers, Genesis, The Gentle Man, The Girl, Good Night, A Goodnight, Graph For Action, The Great Figure, Great Mullen, Grotesque, Gulls, The Halfworld, The Hard Listener, Healall, Hemmed-in Males, The Hermaphroditic Telephones, Hero, Hic Jacet, History, Homage, Horned Purple, The House, How Has The Way Been Found?, Hula-hula, The Hunter, Hymn To Love Ended, I Will Sing A Joyous Song, Idyl, Idyl, Immortal, Impromptu: The Suckers, In Harbor, In San Marco, Venezia, In The 'sconset Bus, Interests Of 1926, Invitation, Invitation, Invocation And Conclusion, It Is A Living Coral, It Is A Small Plant, Item, January, January Morning, The Jungle, K. Mcb, Keller Gegen Dom, La Belle Dame De Tous Les Jours, La Flor, A La Lune, The Last Words Of My English Grandmother, Last Words Of My Grandmother (first Version), Late For Summer Weather, The Late Singer, Le Medecin Malgre Lui, Libertad! Igualdad! Fraternidad, Light Becomes Darkness, Light Hearted William, The Lily, Lines, Lines On Receiving The Dial's Award: 1927, The Locust Tree In Flower, The Locust Tree In Flower (first Version), The Lonely Street, The Lonely Street, Love, Love Song, Love Song, Love Song, Love Song, A Love Song: First Version, 1915, Lovely Ad, M.b., Man And Nature, Man In A Room, A Man To A Woman, March, March Is A Light, Marianne Moore, Marriage, A Marriage Ritual, Martin And Katherine, Memory Of April, The Men, Metric Figure (2), Metric Figure (3), Mezzo Forte, Middle, Min Schleppner, Misericordia, The Moon --, Morning, Mujer, My Luv, Naked, Nantucket, The New Cathedral Overlooking The Park, New England, Night, The Nightingales, Offering, The Ogre, The Old Men, The Old Worshipper, On A Propsed Trip South, On First Opening The Lyric Year, On Gay Wallpaper, The Ordeal, Our (american) Ragcademicians, Overture To A Dance Of Locomotives, Pastoral, Pastoral, Pastoral, Pastoral 1 (first Version), Pastoral 2, Paterson, Paterson: Episode 17, Peace, Peace On Earth, Perpetuum Mobile: The City, Picture Showing, Play, Poem, Poem, A Poem For Norman Macleod, The Poor, The Poor, Porous, Portent, A Portrait In Greys, Portrait Of A Lady, Portrait Of A Woman In Bed, Portrait Of A Young Man With A Bad Heart, Portrait Of The Author, Postlude, The Pot Of Flowers, A Prelude, Primrose, Proletarian Portrait, Promenade, Queen-anne's-lace, Question And Answer, Quietness, Rain, The Raper From Passenack, Rapid Transit, Readie Pome, The Red Lily, The Red Wheelbarrow, Rendezvous, The Return To Work, The Revelation, Rhymed Address: The Lobster, Rigamarole, The Right Of Way, Riposte, Romance Moderne, The Rose (1), The Rose (3), The Sadness Of The Sea, The Sea, The Sea-elephant, Sea-trout And Butterfish, Self-portrait 1, Self-portrait 2, Seraph, The Shadow, She Who Turns Her Head, Shoot It Jimmy!, Sicilian Emigrant's Song, Sick African, Simplex Sigilum Veri, Simplex Sigilum Veri: A Catalogue (first Version), The Sloughing Wind, Slow Movement, Sluggishly, Smell!, Solstice, Song, The Source, Spirit Of '76, Spouts, Spring, Spring And All, Spring Song, Spring Storm, Spring Strains, St. Francis Einstein Of The Daffodils, St. Francis Einstein Of The Daffodils (first Version), Stillness, Stroller, Struggle Of Wings, Sub Terra, Summer Song, The Sun, The Sun Bathers, Sunday, Sunday (first Version), Sympathetic Portrait Of A Child, The Term, These, The Thinker, This Florida: 1924, This Is Just To Say, Thistle, Thursday, Time The Hangman, To, To A Dead Journalist, To A Friend, To A Friend Concerning Several Ladies, To A Mexican Pig-bank, To A Poor Old Woman, To A Solitary Disciple, To A Wood Thrush, To An Elder Poet, To An Old Jaundiced Woman, To Be Closely Written On A Small Piece Of Paper, To Be Hungry Is To Be Great, To Elsie, To Greet A Letter-carrier, To Have Done Nothing, To Mark Anthony In Heaven, To The Outer World, To The Shade Of Po Chu-i, To Waken An Old Lady, To Wish Myself Courage, Tract, Transitional, Translations From The Spanish, Translations From The Spanish, El Romancero, Tree, Tree And Sky, The Trees, Trees, The Tulip Bed, Two Aspects Of April, The Unfrocked Priest, The Uses Of Poetry, View, View Of A Lake, Virtue, Waiting, The Wanderer: A Rococo Study (first Version), The Wanderer: Abroad, The Wanderer: Advent, The Wanderer: Broadway, The Wanderer: Clarity, The Wanderer: Soothsay, The Wanderer: St. James' Grove, The Wanderer: The Strike, Weasel Snout, When Fresh, It Was Sweet, The Widow's Lament In Springtime, Wild Orchard, The Wildflower, Willow Poem, The Wind Increases, Wind Of The Village, The Winds, Winter, Winter Quiet, Winter Sunset, Winter Trees, Woman Walking, The Yachts, You Have Pissed Your Life, The Young Cat And The Chrysanthemums, The Young Housewife, The Young Laundryman, Young Love, Young Love (first Version), Young Sycamore, Young Woman At A Window, Young Woman At A Window, and Youth And Beauty.