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On August 26, 2008, BlueAnt Wireless announced the launch of a fully voice controlled Bluetooth headset featuring a voice interface and voice isolation technology. Using Sensory's voice interface, the BlueAnt V1 allows users to control their headset with voice commands rather than pressing multiple buttons or even looking at the phone. Unlike other headsets that only support voice dial capabilities through q mobile phone's voice features, the V1's voice control is embedded in the headset itself. Beyond voice dial capabilities, the V1 enables the user to control all headset features such as pairing, volume and connection status using only their voice.

The BlueAnt V1 is the first standalone headset on the market to incorporate the Bluetooth version 2.1 + Enhanced Data Rate specification. Combined with the BlueGenie Voice Interface, the BlueAnt V1 takes usability to a new level in the headset industry. The BlueAnt V1 also incorporates dual microphones using BlueAnt's patented Voice Isolation Technology, a proprietary Digital Signal Processor (DSP) software solution. Voice Isolation Technology uses advanced techniques to separate the user's voice signal from all other sounds, enhance the voice and remove external noise coming into and out of the headset. The result is outstanding environmental noise reduction, echo cancellation and wind noise protection.