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On November 4, 2009, Broadcom announced that Newton Peripherals, maker of the innovative MoGo Mouse, selected Broadcom's Bluetooth technology for the new MoGo Talk headset. MoGo Talk is a unique, next generation wireless headset that can be stored and recharged within the plastic bodies of notebook PCs and cellular handsets. Current MoGo Talk designs support the Apple iPhone, two popular BlackBerry devices (the Curve and the Javelin) and a host of notebook PCs with voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities. Based on Broadcom Bluetooth technology, Newton will continue to add popular phones to its list of devices supported by MoGo Talk. The Newton MoGo Talk product exemplifies the trend toward more integrated and imaginative form factors for Bluetooth headset products, delivering great performance in a user-friendly package. Broadcom headset technology enables superior audio quality, low power and small size to provide device makers with the flexibility to develop popular products that are designed around how end users will experience them. Broadcom is leveraging its position as a leading Bluetooth supplier for cellular handset, PC/peripheral and human interface device (HID) products to further drive innovation in the headset segment.

Included in its offering is Broadcom's popular SmartAudio sound and voice enhancement technology. SmartAudio provides the following benefits: * Significantly improved audio quality in noisy environments by reducing background noise and unwanted acoustic echo while also improving the wireless range of headset connections. * Near-end speech enhancements that automatically adjust volume level for the headset user when moving in and out of noisy environments * Dynamic wind noise reduction algorithms that drastically improve the audio quality in a windy environments. * Broadcom's unique packet loss concealment (PLC) that compensates for lost data while delivering clearer digital voice communications. The SmartAudio platform works in conjunction with Broadcom's Bluetooth software, which is widely used in mobile phones and PCs, ensuring that interoperability with Bluetooth audio sources has been widely tested and field proven.