Yenra : 3G : WiFi UMTS Video Conferencing : iPAQ and PC-based VoIP and full-motion video communication over both WiFi and UMTS-based networks to create video conferences


The Management Network Group and partners ADC, inCode, IP3 Networks, and IPWireless will demonstrate a unique wireless, IP-based broadband video conferencing solution, using video conferencing technology from France Telecom, at the CTIA Wireless 2004 Conference on March 22-24, 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia.

This first-of-its-kind wireless demonstration will bring together iPAQ and PC-based VoIP and full-motion video communication over both WiFi and UMTS-based networks to create video conferences, that can be billed by a commercially available software application.

The companies will deliver a hands-on demonstration of wireless video conferencing originating from a 3G, UMTS-based PC and terminating in a WiFi environment, producing accounting records which will be processed by ADC's Singl.eView billing system which will generate invoices on the CTIA show floor.

TMNG developed the business and operational processes for this application, defined the system, functional and interface requirements, and developed and performed the end-to-end test and service assurance functions to insure the application could be provisioned, billed and maintained. The wireless and core network technical resources will be provided by inCode, with the gateway and WiFi interfaces, provided by IP Networks. The 3G-UMTS system will be provided by IPWireless and the video conferencing application, eConf, to be supplied by France Telecom.

Key demonstration highlights will include:

The Wireless Technology Lab is the first independent facility providing a real-world testing ground for the industry's next-generation wireless technologies and applications. TMNG developed the business and operational processes, defined, architected and implemented the end-to-end BSS/OSS platform and integrated it into the network elements. inCode defined, architected and integrated the entire spectrum of wireless network elements as well as the API's to the OSS platform. Lab members -- including network- technology vendors, and front- and back-office software providers -- come together, in a vendor- and technology-neutral environment, to test and evaluate network element integration, new services and applications such as SMS, MMS, 3G/IP-based services, location based services, telematics, 802.11 wireless LAN, prepaid solutions and BSS/OSS applications.