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WiFi Phone

Calypso Wireless signed a field trial installation agreement with Sleipner. Calypso Wireless will conduct the field trial with Sleipner on Telecom Italia Mobile GSM/GPRS mobile networks, the leading mobile operator in Italy.

According to the agreement between the two companies, Sleipner will conduct a field trial of Calypso Wireless' ASNAP patented technology that enables mobile users to seamlessly switch back and forth between GSM/GPRS/CDMA cellular networks and Wi-Fi wireless local area networks (WLAN) utilizing the 802.11 standard. Mobile customers using Calypso's ASNAP cellular phones will be able to access any Wi-Fi zones installed and access the Internet at broadband speeds of up to 11,000 Kbps per second (11Mbps) enabling movie-quality real-time video conferencing on Calypso' C1250i mobile phone.

Calypso piqued the interest of many Mobile Carriers by demonstrating its ASNAP technology which provides a system that enables Mobile Carriers and Internet Service Providers to identify and authenticate the mobile user, thereby creating a platform for revenue sharing between the synergistic companies and increased revenues for them by delivering new added services. Calypso patented technology could also provide significant savings to Mobile Carriers in additional frequency spectrum and infrastructure equipment by offloading capacity to the Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) and IP networks while providing additional sources of revenues providing newly services such as real time two way video conferencing, fast Internet connection, and VoIP.

"We expect contracts for the delivery of our products (such as Calypso real time two way video conferencing cellular phones, WLAN Access Points and related hardware) and licensing of our ASNAP technology, upon the successful completion of the field trial," says Alfredo Sarrazin of Calypso Wireless.

"Calypso' scheduled to conduct demonstrations of the company's C1250i Wi-Fi cellular phone in Italy by the third week of June. The delivery of phones is anticipated to begin during the fourth quarter of 2005," said Sarrazin.

Sleipner builds advanced IP-based communication systems and software platforms enabling comprehensive network-telephony solutions and innovative data converged services for enterprise and consumer customers.

Calypso Wireless is the company behind the ASNAP technology which covers the seamless roaming of voice, video and data between Wide Area Network access points, such as cellular towers (GSM/GPRS/EDGE, CDMA, WCMDA) and short-range Internet access points (such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth).