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Optimus has deployed LogicaCMG's Wireless Service Broker solution. This will enable Optimus to deliver an extensive new range of mobile Internet services based on WAP 2.0 and MMS to its more than two million subscribers and places Optimus at the forefront of delivering next generation, multimedia wireless data services.

LogicaCMG's solution replaces existing infrastructure and enables Optimus to improve its content-rich, browser-based mobile Internet services such as games, downloading ringtones, icons and pictures and access to news services. Using LogicaCMG's Wireless Service Broker platform, Optimus subscribers are able to personalise the services, which increases customer loyalty and drives new revenues. The use of WAP 2.0, the enhanced WAP protocol, will contribute greatly to a much improved end-user experience.

Jose Pinto Correia, Network Director at Optimus, said: "We decided to implement LogicaCMG's mobile Internet and mobile messaging portfolio as it perfectly matches our vision for the future. Wireless Service Broker provides a solution that integrates with our existing MMS and SMS technology and offers a seamless migration path to future services. This is crucial for us to succeed in a maturing, increasingly competitive mobile Internet market."

Eric Jan Krupe, vice president market development, LogicaCMG Wireless Networks, said: "Optimus has recognised LogicaCMG's proven track record in mission-critical and highly scalable infrastructure solutions and is using our Wireless Service Broker platform to deploy advanced mobile multimedia services. This implementation adds Optimus to the growing list of operators that have selected the full LogicaCMG product portfolio and strengthens LogicaCMG's position as the leading provider of mobile data infrastructure."