Yenra : Manufacturing : Wafer Reader : Algorithmic machine vision system with robust OCR and decoding provides product traceability and real-time validation

Wafer Reader

A new wafer reader combines MTI's world-class algorithm library with DVT's broad range of smart camera-based machine vision systems, resulting in a wafer reader product line that will be the most robust OCR and decoding product offering in the vision industry.

By reading, recording, and responding to industry-standard wafer identification, the DVT wafer reader provides the product traceability and real-time validation manufacturers require throughout the fabrication process. Integrated lensing and lighting capabilities provide the flexibility required to read the code consistently throughout the various stages of production that subject the wafer to changes in appearance, such as contrast and color modifications.

In its market, the DVT Wafer Reader has both high resolution and a large field of view. Its built-in DSP processor with Flash memory eliminates the need for a Frame-Grabber or PC. The user interface supports both Windows and Windows CE platforms, and its automated software programming and light tuning provides quick and easy setup.

The Wafer Reader handles 2-D matrix codes, Bar codes, and OCR; it supports SEMI-standard codes such as M12, M13, T1, T2, T3, T7, and IBM codes. Built-in Ethernet connectivity allows easy integration into an existing network and delivers remote access for online diagnostics and inspection management from any Internet connection. Serial RS-232 is also available with an optional adapter.