Yenra : Telephone : Voice Processor : High performance echo cancellation and noise suppression using low power array microphone beam formation

Speaker Phone

A new voice processor from Fortemedia provides designers with echo cancellation and noise suppression performance through array microphone beam-forming with integrated noise suppression technology at only 30mW of power consumption. This combination of low-power and high-performance, along with new features such as a built-in Class D audio amplifier, brings the power of Fortemedia voice processing to many applications such as hands-free car kits, portable Bluetooth speaker phones, Smartphones, and PC-related accessories.

"With the FM1072LP, we leveraged the latest innovations in technology to get the best of both worlds," says Hans Wang of Fortemedia. "As an echo canceller, the unit can still achieve 60dB of acoustic echo cancellation performance with much lower power consumption. This now enables our customers to provide their end users with the clearest voice in a broader range of applications, especially battery-operated portable products."

The unit requires a separation of only 4cm between the microphone and the speaker in the same housing, with the speaker delivering 120dB throughput. "Fortemedia provided us with a fully-integrated solution that met our echo cancellation and noise suppression requirements," said Thomas Chen of mVox. "We are able to provide our customers with high performance speaker phones in the size of a credit card."

Fortemedia enables noise-free communication with small-array microphone technology.