Yenra : Telephone : Beamer Video Phone : Device adds visual component to phone calls made over standard telephone connections at no extra charge

Video Phone

People always plan to spend more time with family, relatives, and loved ones. But with busy schedules and many family members living far apart, it is easier said than done. Often, the best we can manage is a quick phone call to stay in touch.

For a more personal and more emotionally rewarding way to stay connected, there are video capable devices, like Vialta's award-winning Beamer Videophone. Beamer works with any phone over any standard phone line, to add video to your phone call, with no additional cost other than the phone itself. By enabling families and friends to see their loved ones simply by calling them, Beamer has helped thousands of families share experiences and feel closer to each other.

"My fiancee and I are having a baby. Every week or so, we have a slightly larger belly, so we get on the Beamers every Sunday to show my mum and sister the progress. They have felt far more of a part even though they're back in Scotland," said Cris Blythe a Vialta Beamer owner. "Since we can't travel for the holidays this year, Beamer video phone is a blessing for the whole family."

Selected as one of the Twelve Days of Christmas gifts on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Beamer adds the emotional dimension of live video to relationships -- between grandparents and grandchildren, sibling's and their families, friends who live far apart -- that can't be duplicated by photographs, regular phone calls, emails, or home videos.

"My husband and I use our Beamer to see my grandson grow. If we are not able to be there, we will still be able to see him dressed for his first school programs, see when he loses his first tooth, read with him, and help him with homework," said Terry Workman a Vialta Beamer owner. "The possibilities are endless with Beamer. We thank Vialta for developing the Beamer for general consumers. In this day and age, when families are scattered across the country and world, we can still be part of each others lives."

It does not take an expert to truly understand that staying in touch with loved ones is very important. Families around the world are experiencing the unique emotional benefits of keeping in touch with Beamer. If you can't see loved ones in person as often as you would like, Vialta's Beamer video phone is a great alternative.

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