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Verizon Camera Phone

Anadigics today announced that the company is shipping production volumes of InGaP HBT PAs and pHEMT RF switches to LG Electronics, a global provider of electronics and telecommunications products, for the innovative VX6000 CDMA handset with embedded digital camera. Anadigics AWT6113 InGaP HBT PA and AWS5533 pHEMT RF switch met LG Electronics' stringent requirements for the compact, stylish and highly functional VX6000 CDMA handset.

"LG continues to deliver greater handset functionality to wireless subscribers and the VX6000 showcases our ability to blend new technology and innovation to provide value-added experiences for mobile users," said Mr. Jong Eun (James) Kim, President and CEO of LG Electronics. "New handset features, such as color screens and embedded cameras, are driving growth in handset sales while presenting new challenges and more complex design considerations for handset manufacturers. Anadigics' innovative RFIC products provide LG Electronics with an optimal balance of price, performance, and reliability in a very competitive footprint which enabled the advanced design of the VX6000 camera phone."

"Anadigics is well positioned to serve advanced wireless handsets with best-of-breed RFIC products as consumer adoption of multimedia handsets increases," said Dr. Bami Bastani, President & CEO of Anadigics, Inc. "Leveraging our unique competencies in RFIC technology, high volume manufacturing, and module packaging, Anadigics continues to pioneer new advances in RFIC form, fit, and function. We look forward to working closely with LG in the design of future platforms that transition the wireless handset from a communication tool to a complete multimedia appliance."

Anadigics AWT6113 and AWS5533 RFIC modules optimize performance to enable longer talk time and drive power-hungry handset features such as color screens, high speed data access and embedded cameras. The AWT6113 InGaP HBT PA module provides selectable bias modes and a shutdown mode with low leakage current in a small 4mm x 4mm PA module to enable longer battery life in wireless handsets. The AWS5533 pHEMT Single Pole Three Throw (SP3T) switch is housed in a small 3mm x 3mm plastic package and provides industry-leading linearity performance together with low harmonic levels, while working down to a control voltage of 2.5v.

Anadigics (purchased by II-VI) designs and manufactures radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) solutions for growing broadband and wireless communications markets. The Company's innovative high frequency RFICs enable manufacturers of communications equipment to enhance overall system performance while reducing manufacturing cost and time to market.