Yenra : MP3 Players : USB MP3 Player : Lexar LDP-400 uses SigmaTel controller chip to add digital music playback to storage device with long battery life

USB MP3 Player

SigmaTel's D-Major technology has been chosen to drive Lexar's LDP-400 flash-based MP3 player.

SigmaTel technology enables designs like the LDP-400 to feature a small form-factor and longer battery life with multiple features at an overall lower system cost.

Lexar is now bringing digital music playback functionality to its USB mass storage products. The LDP-400 players are USB 2 full speed mass storage plug and play devices that allows for compatibility with USB 1.1 and USB 2. With support for MP3 and WMA file formats and compatibility with Microsoft DRM software, these players will play songs from most popular on-line music services.

"SigmaTel's leadership as a chip supplier for MP3 player applications is well-known throughout the market," said Lance Ohara of Lexar. "Their integrated solutions have enabled us to create a product with a low design cost, which in turn has enabled us to offer customers a very practical digital music player."

"We are pleased to be contributing our technology to one of the leading flash memory product companies," said Ron Edgerton of SigmaTel. "By leveraging our technology, Lexar is able to build on a solid, refined development foundation. Incorporating audio playback within its already popular flash memory products is a testament to the importance of a solid MP3 player development foundation in creating a hot selling product."

As of August 28, 2017, Longsys has acquired the Lexar trademark and will begin selling current and future products under the Lexar brand.