Yenra : 3G : Universal Navigation Switch : Integration of 3G, WLAN and high-performance IP packet transmission capability for mobile operators to quickly respond to changing mobile business environments

Universal Navigation Switch

Giga Stream is announcing its Universal Navigation Switch (UNS) platform and is setting the pace in the design of voice, data and video service nodes for next-generation wireless networks that will be the life-blood of 3G and WLAN / WiFi service offerings. The UNS facilitates a smooth migration from the current TDM, ATM transport towards all-IP internetworking.

The Mobile operators spent a great deal of money on 3G licenses and are now finding it increasingly difficult to create applications that will satisfy their customers let alone make a profit. They built-up mobile infrastructure - in order to comply with regulatory requirements - that resulted in a complex set of network equipment. This has become difficult to manage and to maintain during operation and the introduction of new services and applications is, in consequence, a very expensive and time-consuming task.

The UNS network switch will dramatically reduce the complexity and integration effort for mobile operators. It will increase the adoption rate of new applications thus satisfying end-user demand. It will also centralize operational functions and add value with the integration of the various networks and topologies into a single platform. This will ensure full, seamless interworking of all wireless and Internet technologies.

Switching functionality is divided into two elements: a control plane comprising the routing algorithms and call control, and an intelligent transport plane that establishes and maintains the voice and data paths. Giga Stream's exclusive content sensitive traffic management (CSTM) provides full application-aware visibility into network traffic, facilitating new high value business and consumer applications including customized services, SLAs, location based services, alternative billing methods and seamless roaming between Radio Access Networks and WLANs.

The UNS platform is designed with IPv6 and MPLS in mind. The topology modules provide connectivity to Gigabit Ethernet, ATM and E1 with support for SS7 signalling. The solution is designed for today's 3GPP standards (rel 99, v4) based on ATM in the RAN (radio access Network) and core network, but can be easily upgraded to an all-IP core.

Because the integration and functionality is on a single platform, dramatic cost savings can be achieved - in capital expenditure and up to half in operating expenses, as compared with multi-component switching products. Single-platform integration also greatly simplifies capacity planning, security and network management. And service delivery may be direct or via Virtual Operators so that carriers may sell-on their excess capacity.

Accelerated time-to-market and enhanced competitiveness are additional benefits thanks to advanced features such as seamless interworking, intelligent routing, and support for innovative billing models individualized by subscriber, service type and usage. And the UNS switches are scalable up to the highest speeds - and capacities so operators can start small and expand as needed.