Thunder Hollow Criss-Cross Trackset - Yenra

Thunder Hollow Criss-Cross Trackset

Thunder Hollow Criss-Cross Trackset - What a crash. Keep loading them in. That's not going to stop Lightning McQueen. Keep loading them in.

Disney/Pixar Cars movies entertain, excite and warm fans' hearts. Their compelling, comedy-adventure stories focus on teamwork, friendship and courage, and inspire audiences to go for it. The latest feature, Cars 3, introduces Next Gen racers, thrilling adventures, and explores racing's roots with Lightning McQueen.

Authentic Action - Cars animated films are bold and visually exciting. Each product in our line is carefully crafted to evoke the dynamic personality, style and energy seen on screen - from Radiator Springs to the world's most thrilling competitions. Just as Lightning McQueen must be innovative to win each successive race, our toys evolve to offer kids the best play experience possible. This Thunder Hollow Speedway set raises the stakes to new heights of smashing, crashing mayhem and excitement.

Get ready for exciting race and story play from Disney/Pixar Cars 3. This iconic Thunder Hollow Speedway lets fans recreate Crazy 8 speeding, crashing, competition action. The highly detailed set has Derby dodging accessories, like barrels and tires, authentic designs and a mud-covered Lightning McQueen vehicle to start the action right away. Race through the arena, but if you fall short, you will wipe out and flip over, landing in the middle of the action for more crashing and obstacle fun. Or send your vehicle blasting through the breakaway door and off the track. A motorized booster keeps cars racing around the figure 8 course for endless play. Includes Lightning McQueen vehicle.

Expand the competition play - Bring other Crazy 8 vehicles to the track to enhance the demolition derby action.