Yenra : Manufacturing : Thermoforming Software : Calibration and compensatation corrects non-linear rotary image sheet movement distortions


New Raytek TF100 Imaging System software has a feature that calibrates and compensates for the distortion of thermal images caused by non-linear sheet movement is now shipping.

Designed specifically for thermoforming manufacturers, the Raytek TF100 Imaging System allows thermoformers to visualize the temperature distribution of virtually any plastic part in a thermoforming process. The new feature in the TF100 System software will solve an important temperature measurement issue for manufacturers who produce materials using a rotary process. The new software is available for all Raytek clients who have already installed TF100 Imaging Systems, and is a standard feature for new thermoforming clients.

In a rotary thermoforming process, a heated plastic sheet exits an oven and passes the Raytek infrared scanner with non-linear velocities. This non-linear motion distorts the resulting thermal image and prevents accurate temperature measurement correlation with each of the heating zones. But the new Raytek software automatically corrects that problem, according to TF100 System Product Manager Quint McDonald.

"This new correction feature allows accurate correlation and measurement of zone average temperatures even with highly distorted thermal images," said McDonald.

The TF100 Imaging System features an easy-to-use "point and click" user interface that installs easily and views the sheet between the oven and forming sections from the top. Pre-wired cables are connected to a PC and installation dimensions are entered into the TF100 Software to complete the easy installation process.

In addition to the new rotary correction software, the TF100 Imaging System offers benefits for any thermoforming process such as improved product quality and profitability, reduced set-up time, immediate detection of defects and failing heating elements, automated quality monitoring and reporting, and reduced scrap.

The Raytek TF100 System includes an MP50 Process Imager, DataTemp TF100 Software with rotary image correction, Industrial power supply, and an RS232/485 Converter.

Raytek (now part of Fluke Process Instruments) provides noncontact Infrared temperature measurement solutions.