Yenra : Telephone : WiFi Flip Phone : Compact clamshell SIP telephone from D-Link will allow users to make calls over the Internet via open Wi-Fi connections

WiFi Flip Phone

D-Link's flip-style mobile Wi-Fi phone will ship with a full-featured softphone from TelTel, allowing users to make calls anywhere in the world where there is open Wi-Fi access.

Calls from the D-Link phone are made over the Public SIP Telephone Network telephony backbone.

Weighing only 3.74 ounces in a compact clamshell design, the phone complements TelTel services with built-in features like a clear color backlit LCD display, a keypad with backlight, speed dial, redial, multiple ringtones, email access, and volume control.

The D-Link Wi-Fi phone untethers users from their PCs, allows them to call other TelTel users for free, or call non-TelTel users for a small fee. Users also will receive virtually all of the IP telephone services included with the PC version of the TelTel softphone. One of those features is buddy list synchronization that allows users to view whether their contacts are available to receive a call.

"Combining D-Link's new Wi-Fi phone with TelTel's growing volume of services will allow people the freedom to roam and take full advantage of Internet phone connectivity without the high cost of traditional telephony offerings," added Jack Chang of TelTel.

"With so many more Wi-Fi hotspots being added to the network every day -- corporate and university campuses, airports, coffee shops and hotels -- D-Link Wi-Fi phone calls are a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional landline and mobile telephones," Chang said.

"Broadcom's silicon and software solutions for VoIP and wireless LAN offer a high level of integration, performance and features for our Wi-Fi phone," said William Brown of D-Link. "The chipset is designed specifically for low-power consumption and a small footprint, allowing us to stay competitive by delivering a compact, flip-style Wi-Fi phone."

Available this summer, the WiFi phone will cost under $300.