Yenra : Telephone : Signalling Tester : Network simulation of mobile communication systems enables advanced wireless application development


Planning and developing mobile devices and services is necessary for the success of mobile communication businesses. With third-generation mobile communication systems being deployed globally, sophisticated new applications such as video call service and wireless messaging are appearing.

Anritsu's MD8470A Signalling Tester makes it possible to perform both the development and verification of mobile phone applications in one unit. Anritsu has taken steps to make mobile phone applications development more efficient. These improvements include addition of the WNS (Wireless Network Simulator) software in the MX847010A W-CDMA/GSM simulation kit to simulate interactive base station action and provide an easy-to-use test environment for application developers.

In addition to improvements in the SMS (Short Message Service) and video call test functions, the WNS now supports an MMS test function and the ability to conduct various service interruption tests. With mobile phones becoming increasingly complex, these new capabilities enable the wider variety of tests and additional tasks needed for application development and verification.

The system supports network simulation of GSM/GRPS and W-CDMA, the major 2G/2.5G and 3G mobile communication systems. It provides an end-to-end test environment for various bearers including voice calls (loopback/handset), packet calls (browsing/contents download), video calls (loopback/ISDN), and messaging (SMS/MMS).

Anritsu provides wired and wireless communication systems solutions.