Yenra : Telephone : TAPI Integration : Telephony Application Programming Interface eliminates the need for additional external and expensive hardware components


iVoice has partnered with Affant Communication for speech recognition TAPI integration with Shoreline4 IP PBX.

The Shoreline4-iVoice integration provides software only installation of the iVoice Speech Enabled Auto Attendant on the Shoreline 4 system. Callers no longer have to wait for prompts or use keypads to reach extensions. Together with the Shoreline4, iVoice's friendly Speech Enabled Auto Attendant brings automated answering to a new level of professional service and ease of use, the caller simply says the name or department they wish to reach and are immediately connected. With its breakthrough capabilities, iVoice makes speech recognition a reality for business telephone users.

When using the iVoice Auto Attendant on the ShoreGear Switch, the caller will be presented with the entire greeting prompt followed by a beep. He or she will then be able to say the name of the person they wish to speak with after the beep. For convenience, the user may press the 8 key at any time during the greeting prompt to interrupt it and force the beep to be played.

Telephony Application Program Interface or TAPI, allows iVoice to integrate its applications into different telephone private branch exchange systems (or PBX's), thereby eliminating the need for additional external and expensive hardware components. Each phone system hardware provider provides a specific software driver that interfaces directly with the iVoice Speech Enabled Auto Attendant. TAPI provides a high-level interface for dialing and disconnecting.

Gregory Keyes, CEO of Affant Communication, "We are very excited about our relationship with iVoice and are pleased to now offer the iVoice solutions in conjunction with Affant's modern telephony model that our customers rely upon for the best in productivity."