Yenra : 3G : Speech Codec : 3G CDMA2000 variable-rate multimode wideband standard for interoperable multimedia services across networks


The first CDMA2000 wideband speech codec standard developed by 3GPP2/TIA is ready for large-scale deployment. Nokia's Variable-rate Multimode Wideband speech codec (VMR-WB) has been comprehensively characterized and specified by 3GPP2, and is the first speech codec standard that is fully interoperable with 3GPP/AMR-WB, the standard in GSM and WCDMA networks.

VMR-WB is the first 3GPP2 speech codec standard that enables both multimode wideband and narrowband speech processing capability within the same software package. It offers voice quality that surpasses that of today's wireless and wireline networks and is designed to deliver high-level performance under severe channel error and background noise conditions.

In addition to superior voice quality, the interoperability between VMR-WB and AMR-WB standards is a significant leap toward global compatibility of multimedia services across various cellular and non-cellular networks. The VMR-WB standard outperforms the existing wireless and wireline codecs operating at the same data rates and can be used in a variety of circuit- switched or packet-switched multimedia applications including mobile-to-mobile conversational voice services, voice over IP, and multimedia messaging and streaming services.

"Nokia is a recognized leader in GSM and WCDMA technologies, so the success and deployment readiness of VMR-WB is a proof point of how we are excelling in CDMA technologies, as well," said Adam Gould, vice president of CDMA technology management and strategy for Nokia. "Moreover, VMR-WB is an example of how important interoperability is as third generation networks become more prevalent, and operators work to improve quality of voice and revenue-generating applications to draw customers to 3G, whether it be through CDMA2000 or WCDMA networks."

Nokia's VMR-WB speech codec was selected in April 2003 by 3GPP2 through a highly competitive process. The standardization of VMR-WB set the record as the fastest technical effort of its kind in 3GPP2, initiated and driven by Nokia.

The algorithmic specification of VMR-WB standard has been published by 3GPP2 and TIA as 3GPP2 C.S0052-0 v1.0 and TIA-1016, respectively, and its software will be available through these organizations and Nokia.

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