Yenra : Construction : High-Performance Skylight System : Sunlight gathered in parabolic dome is amplified by reflective lining then diffused into a broad pattern

Skylight System

DayStar Skylight Systems has created a high-performance skylight system that not only allows natural light into a building, but also maximizes intensification and diffuses the light into a broad lighting pattern, enabling businesses to save money, increase the value of the facility, and protect the environment by being more energy efficient.

During daytime hours, even on cloudy days, skylights can reduce or eliminate electric light usage and its associated costs. DayStar's brilliant, natural lighting optimizes the most powerful source of energy available - free sunlight - to provide substantial long-term energy savings. Because the skylight's superior illumination power allows buildings to be operated during daytime hours without using electric lights, energy costs can be cut by as much as 50%.

Sunlight is gathered through the parabolic dome, and the rays are amplified by the ultra-reflective lining as they strike the ceiling lens.

This concentrated light is then diffused by additional sidelight panels, which increase the spread of light far beyond conventional skylights.

The skylighting systems can help design buildings that are sustainable, affordable, and energy efficient.