Yenra : Manufacturing : Six Sigma Training : Integrated software solution to enhance Six Sigma training, increase productivity and sustain project results

Six Sigma Consultants announced a new strategic partnership with SigmaFlow, providing clients with an integrated software solution to enhance Six Sigma training, increase productivity and sustain project results.

Traditionally, Six Sigma practitioners have had to use multiple measurement tools to evaluate projects -- a fragmentation that impeded project momentum and sustainability. The Six Sigma Consultants/SigmaFlow solution combines training and functionality in a streamlined, user-friendly resource, tying all the tools together. The Six Sigma Consultants/SigmaFlow collaboration supports projects throughout the Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control phases (DMAIC). It provides connectivity of the vital few factors in each -- increasing training adoption and retention rates while improving cycle times and sustainability. Its connectivity eliminates tedious administrative tasks, reconciles disparate tools, simplifies project review, improves clarity and saves time.

As Greg Brue, Six Sigma Consultants president and CEO comments, "This software tool is long overdue and a major productivity enhancement for the Six Sigma community. We conservatively estimate client resource savings of up to 25% per project in the time value of project savings and time to solve the defect problem -- it's an excellent enhancement in the knowledge transfer process for the classroom." Companies can leverage dramatic timesaving and process optimization with this integrated approach-aligning project objectives with one-stop-shop connectivity.

Six Sigma Consultants and SigmaFlow's credentials are the foundation of this customer- focused solution. Six Sigma Consultants's demonstrated expertise in project implementation and SigmaFlow's innovative solutions capability creates an agile and adaptable tool for lasting Six Sigma gains.

SigmaFlow provides Business Process Analysis (BPA) software that encompasses process design and simulation capabilities in a single, integrated, environment.