Yenra : Manufacturing : Wafer Testing : Immunity from conducted, radiated, and internal noise ensures low electrical intrusion for noise sensitive devices

Probing System

Technology from Cascade Microtech ensures low electrical intrusion for noise sensitive devices and tests. PureLine offers advanced capability on 200mm and 300mm on-wafer probing systems. To increase device speed and reduce cost, semiconductor manufacturers have continued to aggressively scale their devices, while moving to new materials and larger 300mm wafers. As a result, the International Test Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) shows continuing momentum towards lower operating voltages. From a test standpoint, this means lower applied stress voltages in Time Dependent Dielectric Breakdown (TDDB) measurements, lower stimulus levels for capacitance, and smaller voltage steps for IV curves.

"With consumer electronic products requiring higher performance and longer battery life, IC operating voltages will be dramatically reduced to 0.7 Volts and MOS thresholds will fall to 0.14 Volts. At these levels multi-frequency background transmissions can obscure critical measurement data," said John Pence. "Cascade's new 200mm and 300mm wafer probing systems with PureLine technology offer our customers the breakthrough electrical noise immunity to test existing and future noise sensitive devices."

The technology ensures high immunity from conducted, radiated, and internal noise.

PureLine supports a broad range of on-wafer test processes, from process development through characterization and modeling to long term reliability and failure analysis.

Cascade Microtech (now FormFactor)develops advanced wafer probing solutions for the precise electrical measurement and test of integrated circuits (ICs).