Interactive Shimmer Shine Genie Dance Dolls Respond to Music - Yenra

Shimmer Shine Genie Dance Dolls

Shimmer Shine Genie Dance Dolls - Move to the beat. You make the moves.

It's time to dance, groove, and learn some magical moves with Genie Dance Shimmer and Shine. Kids can slide Shimmer or Shine side-to-side to see her move to the music. They can also move Shimmer or Shine fast or slow to magically change a special song's tempo. Shimmer and Shine will even teach kids the magic moves to great dances, like the 'Shimmer Shuffle' and 'Magic Carpet Slide'. As Shimmer and Shine move, the jewel in their headpieces will light up and sparkle to the music. With lots of fun songs and interactive phrases, Shimmer Shine Genie Dance Dolls are sure to get your little genie showing off her own magical moves. Shimmer and Shine come dressed in her sparkly genie dance outfit and comes with a bottle-shaped brush so little ones can style her soft hair.

With over 35 interactive phrases and 3 fun songs (including the Shimmer Shuffle and Magic Carpet Slide), Shimmer Shine Genie Dance Dolls are sure to get kids grooving and showing off their own magic moves too. The dance dolls also feature special songs that allows kids to move them fast or slow so they can change the song's tempo. Little ones can have double the fun when they play with both Genie Dance Shimmer and Genie Dance Shine. When played with together, the genies sing a special song. For best performance, hold their feet and slide them on a hard, flat surface.