Yenra : Manufacturing : Sequential Parts Delivery Sequencing Software : Sequency software supports Broadcast, EDI and FTP sequencing


SPD Pro Version 6 software for Sequential Parts Delivery (SPD) has been released. SPD Pro v.6 supports Broadcast, EDI and FTP sequencing, allowing automotive suppliers to deliver parts and modules in sequence to every major automotive OEM in North America including GM, DCX, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, MBUSI and BMW. The software provides suppliers a variety of options for error proofing including RF based rack scanning, pick by part number, pick by serial number, pick by location, pick to light and pick to sound.

Manufacture-in-sequence capabilities have been added providing suppliers the ability for real-time manufacturing in sequence production. SPD Pro is designed to offer automotive suppliers a single source for receiving and processing the broadcast, feeding production, data collection requirements, cradle-to-grave lot traceability and error proofing. This enhanced capability, unique to SPD Pro, eliminates the need to coordinate these varied functions with multiple suppliers. The end result is increased efficiency and significantly reduced cost.

The software, which includes a bill of lading module for shipping, also allows users to export data directly to ERP/WMS systems. The flexibility and scalability of SPD Pro provides automotive suppliers with a total solution for delivering parts to assembly plants in sequence.

Insequence has been providing turnkey sequential part delivery systems for the automotive industry since 1995.