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Small Satellite

BAE Systems has begun partnering with Surrey Satellite Technology to bring the UK firm's small-satellite technology and processes to the US market.

BAE Systems' Space Systems and SSTL will offer customers a broad range of affordable and low risk small-satellite capabilities.

Surrey Satellite Technology designs, manufactures, and operates high-performance, low-cost small satellites. The satellites can be developed rapidly to meet civil and military Earth observation, communications, navigation, and space science applications. Over the past twenty-five years, SSTL has launched twenty-six small satellites into low and high Earth orbit for international customers. SSTL pioneered the use of commercial, off-the-shelf technologies in space.

BAE Systems develops and produces a wide array of space electronics and integrated solutions, from single-board, radiation-hardened computers to complete instrument payloads.

"The partnership combines SSTL's small-satellite experience with BAE Systems' advanced space electronics and ground systems capabilities," said Leigh Coolidge of BAE Systems.

"Together, we will provide government customers with an end-to-end solution - from concept of operations to on-orbit mission operations to information management."

The BAE Systems-SSTL partnership provides focused capability at lower cost and with shorter time to launch compared to typical satellite programs. The partnership plans to make satellite ownership affordable for agencies that historically have found the cost prohibitive, while also offering a lower-cost alternative to the established domestic space authorities.

"Customers will be able to achieve more satellite missions within a fixed space budget, allowing each end user to own its own satellite and thus achieve priority access to data," said Phil Davies of SSTL. "Constellations of small satellites will become financially possible due to the lower unit cost, bringing real benefits of higher temporal resolution and persistent monitoring - a new area of space applications."

BAE Systems develops advanced electronics and information technology solutions.

Surrey Satellite Technology provides affordable access to space.